Gold Mill Chronicles

A to B

The adventure begins.

Rangrim and Zanne woke to the scents and sounds of a breakfast being prepared in the next room. The two devotees of Pelor had been fortunate enough to be invited to sleep indoors by an old farmer and his wife. They ate quickly and met their cohorts in front of the barn. Lo-Kag and the two half-orcs Balin and Skrag, had just finished packing up their camp. The five travelers set out to Gold Mill shortly after dawn, and were met shortly after by a dwarven merchant named Duron who offered them a ride in exchange for the honor of their company. As they spied their first glimpse of the city, they were confronted by a rag-tag band of ‘toll collectors’. Zanne’s attempts to parlay failed, and the thieves set upon the party. Lo-Kag and Skrag hacked their way through the bandits with ease, while Rangrim and Balin protected the party and Duron. Upon arriving in Gold Mill, the party met with Zanne’s old ally, Asha, the high priestess of Pelor, to get the lay of the land. They ended their day by making their way to their new lodgings- The Golden Bounty. Inside, Rangrim made short work of getting himself expelled from the gambling hall, while Zanne and the others kept an ear out for any potential jobs. They heard that the village of Sheaf had not been heard from recently, and a reward was being offered to adventurers willing to investigate. It was resolved that they would set out for Sheaf in the morning…



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