Gold Mill Chronicles

Eitran's Lab

It's just a housecall, right?

Upon returning to Gold Mill, Zanne the Brilliant split from the rest of the party to inform Asha of the encounter at Sheaf. She told Zanne of a great darkness she felt welling up from beneath the ground. The darkness was too dense for her to discern its nature, and suggested Zanne and his companions seek out the aid of the recluse Eitran. The party spent the remainder of the day at The Golden Bounty, recovering planning their next exploit. Rangrim proceeded to get very drunk, and is natural for a dwarf, very belidgerent. He managed to find himself a fight with relative ease. In his condition he was no match for the farmer he had called out, and was soundly trounced.

Early the following morning, Zanne set out with Skrag to find Eitran’s laboratory. They followed Asha’s directions and found themselves staring at a blank wall. For hours they tried to find a hidden switch or lever, but to no avail. As they sat down to strategise over lunch, they were met by Lo-Kag and Balin, who had managed to track their friends down. Rangrim meanwhile, woke up and set about making himself more presentable. He had his armour cleaned and polished, his hair and beard washed and trimmed, and even bought himself several sets of fine clothing. All while his companions were across town probing the defenses of a wizards workshop… Skrag and the others tried again to find the entrance to the recluse’s lair, this time succeeding after only a brief search. The group entered the dusty lab and were confronted by an annoyed voice that seemed to come from all directions. Eitran demanded to know who was disturbing his studies and what they wanted. Zanne explained their purpose and Eitran reluctantly agreed to let them in, cautioning the party to mind what they touched. The door slid silently shut behind them.

Proceeding down the hallway, Zanne inadvertantly tripped one of the lab’s defenses and was thrown across the passageway. Skrag move up and began marking trapped floor tiles. It was then that the adventurers were blinded by a brilliant white flash. As their eyes adjusted, they saw that they were set upon by a troop of animated constructs. The fight was long and bloody. Time and again Lo-Kag fell beneath the blows of their enemies, even Zanne was nearly laid low. The party had been caught in a pincer manuever and could not form a defensive line against the constructs. In the end, they were able to outlast their foes, butonly just. They decided it best to leave the lab to regroup and rethink. At the entrance they discovered the doorway was sealed and could find no mechanism to open it. Eitran intervened and the party discovered themselves back at The Golden Bounty.



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