Gold Mill Chronicles

The cleansing of Stranglereed Marsh.

A temple layman arrived at The Golden Bounty while the Pious took their morning meal. Asha wished to meet with Zanne to discuss a matter of great importance. Finishing his meal, Zanne quickly left with Lo-Kag, together they made their way through the waking streets to the great temple at the heart of the city.

For several days Asha had sensed the darkness in Stranglereed Marsh growing. She had senther finest scout, Holden, to investigate, but he was yet to report in. Asha tasked Zanne with investigating the source of Stranglereed’s malevolence, and if possible, bring Pelor’s light back to the bog.

Zanne immediately gathered the Pious and together they set out north, to the marsh. After several hours’ journey, they entered the marsh. It was a foul bog; pools of fetid water dominated the landscape, and the path quickly became nothing more than a series of small, spongy islands. Unnaturally thick fog impeded vision, and blocked out the sun, leaving the marsh in perpetual twilight.

The Pious pressed on into the stinking bog. Several times they became lost in the shifting mire, or inadvertently back tracked, such was the labrinthine nature of the marsh. Twice that first day, the Pious were set upon by foul undead abominations. The first ambush was quickly defeated by the light of Pelor, but the second attack had tragic consequences.

The Pious had found their way to an unusually broad clearing. The earth here was dryer, and more even than the rest of the marsh. All across the clearing tall columns of stacked stones pierced the fog like skeletal fingers. The Pious reasoned these were old chimneys, part of an old, hastily built village long since abandoned. As they explored the ruins, they were attacked again by the undead. The Pious fought with the strength gifted to them by Pelor, but in the end, Lo-Kag was laid low by the rotting monstrosities.

After ensuring the safety of the Goliath’s body and soul, Zanne turned his attention to the crumpled remains of a Gith shadow priest that had led the ambush. Invoking the power of the Radiant One, Zanne pulled the vile priest’s soul back from the Nine Hells to answer a few questions for the Pious…



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