Gold Mill Chronicles

The cleansing of Stranglereed Marsh.

A temple layman arrived at The Golden Bounty while the Pious took their morning meal. Asha wished to meet with Zanne to discuss a matter of great importance. Finishing his meal, Zanne quickly left with Lo-Kag, together they made their way through the waking streets to the great temple at the heart of the city.

For several days Asha had sensed the darkness in Stranglereed Marsh growing. She had senther finest scout, Holden, to investigate, but he was yet to report in. Asha tasked Zanne with investigating the source of Stranglereed’s malevolence, and if possible, bring Pelor’s light back to the bog.

Zanne immediately gathered the Pious and together they set out north, to the marsh. After several hours’ journey, they entered the marsh. It was a foul bog; pools of fetid water dominated the landscape, and the path quickly became nothing more than a series of small, spongy islands. Unnaturally thick fog impeded vision, and blocked out the sun, leaving the marsh in perpetual twilight.

The Pious pressed on into the stinking bog. Several times they became lost in the shifting mire, or inadvertently back tracked, such was the labrinthine nature of the marsh. Twice that first day, the Pious were set upon by foul undead abominations. The first ambush was quickly defeated by the light of Pelor, but the second attack had tragic consequences.

The Pious had found their way to an unusually broad clearing. The earth here was dryer, and more even than the rest of the marsh. All across the clearing tall columns of stacked stones pierced the fog like skeletal fingers. The Pious reasoned these were old chimneys, part of an old, hastily built village long since abandoned. As they explored the ruins, they were attacked again by the undead. The Pious fought with the strength gifted to them by Pelor, but in the end, Lo-Kag was laid low by the rotting monstrosities.

After ensuring the safety of the Goliath’s body and soul, Zanne turned his attention to the crumpled remains of a Gith shadow priest that had led the ambush. Invoking the power of the Radiant One, Zanne pulled the vile priest’s soul back from the Nine Hells to answer a few questions for the Pious…

Eitran's Lab
It's just a housecall, right?

Upon returning to Gold Mill, Zanne the Brilliant split from the rest of the party to inform Asha of the encounter at Sheaf. She told Zanne of a great darkness she felt welling up from beneath the ground. The darkness was too dense for her to discern its nature, and suggested Zanne and his companions seek out the aid of the recluse Eitran. The party spent the remainder of the day at The Golden Bounty, recovering planning their next exploit. Rangrim proceeded to get very drunk, and is natural for a dwarf, very belidgerent. He managed to find himself a fight with relative ease. In his condition he was no match for the farmer he had called out, and was soundly trounced.

Early the following morning, Zanne set out with Skrag to find Eitran’s laboratory. They followed Asha’s directions and found themselves staring at a blank wall. For hours they tried to find a hidden switch or lever, but to no avail. As they sat down to strategise over lunch, they were met by Lo-Kag and Balin, who had managed to track their friends down. Rangrim meanwhile, woke up and set about making himself more presentable. He had his armour cleaned and polished, his hair and beard washed and trimmed, and even bought himself several sets of fine clothing. All while his companions were across town probing the defenses of a wizards workshop… Skrag and the others tried again to find the entrance to the recluse’s lair, this time succeeding after only a brief search. The group entered the dusty lab and were confronted by an annoyed voice that seemed to come from all directions. Eitran demanded to know who was disturbing his studies and what they wanted. Zanne explained their purpose and Eitran reluctantly agreed to let them in, cautioning the party to mind what they touched. The door slid silently shut behind them.

Proceeding down the hallway, Zanne inadvertantly tripped one of the lab’s defenses and was thrown across the passageway. Skrag move up and began marking trapped floor tiles. It was then that the adventurers were blinded by a brilliant white flash. As their eyes adjusted, they saw that they were set upon by a troop of animated constructs. The fight was long and bloody. Time and again Lo-Kag fell beneath the blows of their enemies, even Zanne was nearly laid low. The party had been caught in a pincer manuever and could not form a defensive line against the constructs. In the end, they were able to outlast their foes, butonly just. They decided it best to leave the lab to regroup and rethink. At the entrance they discovered the doorway was sealed and could find no mechanism to open it. Eitran intervened and the party discovered themselves back at The Golden Bounty.

Sheaf by night
Its quiet... too quiet...

Sheaf had all the appearance of a town abandoned. No man or animal stirred, not even the wind blew. The only sound was the raid and the muddy footfalls of our heroes. It was as if everyone in the town had simply vanished- laundry was hung on lines to dry, meals were left uneaten, and doors hung open to the street. The party advanced slowly down the main street, lit on either side by strange alchemical torches. They passed abandoned homes, barns, shops, and gardens, all empty, all still. The torch-lined road led them to the town centre, dominated by a large wood and stone chapel. As the approached, a burly red-bearded human sprang up from a broad ditch he seemed to have dug around the chapel. Startled, the man turned with a yelp and rushed off into the darkness. Advancing to the chapel, the adventurers heard the murmur of voices within. One of the voices identified himself as the chaplain of the small community. Zanne pressed the man for information about the village’s plight, and what he and his companions could do to help. The chaplain explained that for nearly a week the village had been raided each night by shambling undead monsters. They had sent several messengers to Gold Mill for help, but had not heard back. The chaplain had sealed the chapel with a ritual, mistaking the party for more undead raiders. He then suggested the party gather barrels of flamable liquids from around the village and pour them into the ditch surrounding the chapel, believing the flames would keep the undead at bay.

The first tracked down a barrel of moonshine in a nearby field, and another of pitch in the local general store. Depositing the barrels in the ditch, they then split up to track down more fuel. Lo-Kag and Skrag went back to the general store for another barrel of pitch they’d left on its steps, while Balin and Rangrim searched the graveyard. Zanne chose to stay close to the church and watch for trouble. Instead, trouble found Balin and Rangrim. The two narrowly avoided a score of skeletal hands erupting from the earth, and were soon set upon by skeletons and zombies. Zanne sounded the alarm and rushed to their aid while Lo-Kag and Skrag ran into their own problem. The general store was filled with undead, Lo-Kag could see the mindless beasts rifling through the shop, searching for something. Thinking quickly, Skrag and Lo-Kag set the barrel of pitch alight and rushed to aid their friends while flames consumed the shop and the undead within.

Together, the party was able to win the battle in the graveyard and retrieve two barrels of embalming fluid for the ditch. They hastened back to the chapel, preparing its defenses just in time to hold off the waves of approaching undead. After hours of dispatching the few creatures who penetrated the wall of flame, the party took heart as all grew silent once again. Then, the silence was shattered as the charred remains of their foes sprang to life and coalesced into a roiling mass of flame and bone. Our heroes fought hard and won out against the Charnel Cinderhouse just as the dawn broke.

The chaplain rewarded the party for their deeds, though the refused half the reward out of respect for the farmers’ losses. They conscripted a young stable boy and his wagon to carry them back to Gold Mill so they might inform the Guard of Sheaf’s plight. Once in town they loaded down the boy and his wagon with tools and supplies to replace what had been lost in the general store blaze, then reported to the City Guard.

The Road East

The adventurers were roused from their beds before dawn by a knocking at their doors. As promised, Miri Broge had come to call them for breakfast. Lo-Kag, Zanne, Balin, and Skrag dressed quickly and headed downstairs for their meal. Rangrim, meanwhile, had slept in his armor, having passed out in it that night. He blearily stumbled over to the bathtub and rolled into the lukewarm water, rolling over several times to wash off yesterdays trail dust. After breakfast the party gathered provisions (and ale) and stepped out into the waking city streets.

After an hour or so, they were beyond the outer wall of the city and on their way to Sheaf. The Eastern Road was seldom used, and in poor repair. The party’s progress was greatly slowed by the muddy, overgrown road, but they pressed on long into the day with few breaks. Midway to Sheaf, the party happened upon a patch of grass that had been flattened by something. Balin and Skrag recognized the signs of a struggle and located a small courier’s pouch half covered by the grass. The pouch contained only a note addressed to the City Guard from the residents of Sheaf. It warned of monsters attacking the village by night, carrying off men, women, and children and disappearing with the dawn. The note implored the Guard and anyone finding the note for help. It was decided that Skrag and Rangrim would hasten back to the city with the note, while the others would build a camp nearby and await their return.

The dwarf and half-orc ran long into the night, reaching the city walls after midnight. They spied Captain Alain Voth through the rain and beckoned him down from the wall to receive the note. Voth informed the messengers that no guards could be spared, even in such a dire situation. He implored Rangrim and Skrag to return to their comrades and press on to the village and investigate the danger. With that, the two two began the long run back to camp. The runners reached the camp by 9 that morning, passing along the message before collapsing from the exertion. After several hours recuperating, the party again set out along the muddy trail.

It took another full day’s travel to reach Sheaf; mud, insects and choking vegetation harrying them all along. They reached the western edge of the settlement just after dark as the rain began to fall. The village was beset by an oppressive stillness. Nothing moved, nothing made a sound. Something was very wrong in Sheaf…

A to B
The adventure begins.

Rangrim and Zanne woke to the scents and sounds of a breakfast being prepared in the next room. The two devotees of Pelor had been fortunate enough to be invited to sleep indoors by an old farmer and his wife. They ate quickly and met their cohorts in front of the barn. Lo-Kag and the two half-orcs Balin and Skrag, had just finished packing up their camp. The five travelers set out to Gold Mill shortly after dawn, and were met shortly after by a dwarven merchant named Duron who offered them a ride in exchange for the honor of their company. As they spied their first glimpse of the city, they were confronted by a rag-tag band of ‘toll collectors’. Zanne’s attempts to parlay failed, and the thieves set upon the party. Lo-Kag and Skrag hacked their way through the bandits with ease, while Rangrim and Balin protected the party and Duron. Upon arriving in Gold Mill, the party met with Zanne’s old ally, Asha, the high priestess of Pelor, to get the lay of the land. They ended their day by making their way to their new lodgings- The Golden Bounty. Inside, Rangrim made short work of getting himself expelled from the gambling hall, while Zanne and the others kept an ear out for any potential jobs. They heard that the village of Sheaf had not been heard from recently, and a reward was being offered to adventurers willing to investigate. It was resolved that they would set out for Sheaf in the morning…

Begin at the begining...

The party begins at the head of the Thrane Valley, in the settlement of Reach. Reach is two days travel from the City of Gold Mill, which the party has decided to use as a basecamp to explore the region. Reach is too small to have an Inn of its own, so the party begins its adventure at dawn in their tent at the village’s edge…

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