Gold Mill

The Harvest City, The City of Pelor. Gold Mill sits at the heart of The Thrane Valley, near the confluence of the Harvestwine River and Amberflow Brook. Its citizens are devoted to the God of the Harvest and hold firmly to his teachings.

The city is surrounded by two walls- a curtain wall enclosing ‘The Village’ (home to peasants, farmers, and the an expansive garden/park), and a tall, white-washed stone wall defending the city proper.

Racial Breakdown- the population of Gold Mill is approximately 50% Human, 20% Halfling, 10% Dwarf, 10% Half-Elf, 4% Dragonborn, and 6% other.

The unusually clean and new city streets are laid out on a grid pattern aligned to the points of the compass, except for the Harvest Walk (main avenue) which runs northeast to southwest. The Harvest Walk is equal parts thoroughfare and parade route, ending at either extent in massive ironwood gates.

The economy of Gold Mill is entirely dependent on the grain trade, and chief among these grains is Fey-Stalk- the main ingredient in journeybread. The city has become quite wealthy on the trade, allowing it to maintain a small, well equipped fighting force, and all the services one would generally find in a much larger city.

Gold Mill

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