Some weeks ago, your adventuring party was sent in advance of a dwarven archaeological expedition to clear an abandoned keep of its Kobold infestation. The shaman leading the Kobolds was carrying an ancient map of a now defunct outpost of Bael Turath. You chose to keep the map rather than turn it over to the dwarves, hoping to find adventure and riches for yourselves amongst the outpost’s ruins.

Since then, you’ve been travelling west to the outpost, uncovering more information as you go. You know the valley where the outpost was situated is known as Thrane, and the Harvestwine River runs northeast to southwest through it. The valley is predominantly grassland, with large, dark forests clinging to the edges, and a few small pockets of marshlands. You know that after the fall of Bael Turath, the region was nothing more than putrid marshes and poisonous brambles. It is unclear what effected the change to productive grasslands, but the change must have occurred several hundred years ago. A new city state has taken root in the centre of Thrane, the city of Gold Mill.

At the opening of the adventure, you find yourselves at the northern extent of the valley, in the tiny hamlet of Reach, gateway to Thrane and Gold Mill.

Starting equipment- magic items of level 9, level 8, and level 7. 2600 gold pieces.

Gold Mill Chronicles

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